Arizona License/ Permit #
Arizona Contractors License - Office of the Registrar of Contractors ROC 220874
ADEQ EPA ID Number AZR000508119
City of Chandler Business License/Annual Privelage Tax 125826
City of Avondale Business License/Annual Privelage Tax 14623
AZ DOT State Highway Right of Way Permit 1206011
ADEQ Hazardous Waste Facility Registrations  
California License/ Permit #
California State Contractors License 809096
California DMV Motor Carrier Permit CA# 0203158
California Department of Public Health Medical Waste Transporter NA
California Highway Patroll Hazardous Materials Transportation License License # 137875
California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
Hazardous Waste Transporter Registration
Reg. #4229
Colorado License/ Permit #
Secretary of State Foreign Entity Authority 8830533
Idaho License/ Permit #
State of Idaho Contractors License RCE-22451
ITD Hazardous Materials Endorsements 219227-6
LAS VEGAS AND RENO License/ Permit #
Nevada State Business License NV19961214703
Nevada State Contractors Board License 52215
State of Nevada - Las Vegas EPA ID Number NVR000086496
State of Nevada - Reno EPA Number NVR000084541
Nevada Div. of Environmental Protection - Stormwater General Permit NVR050000
City of Boulder City Business License 3-6-12-13564-0
City of Reno Business License 113201
City of Sparks Business License 57825
Carson City Business License 14-00018118
Storey County Business License 14-7385
Washoe County Business License 027494 / B1302204
Humboldt County Business License 7082
Clark County Business License - Contractor (Includes LV, NLV, Henderson) 2003474-240
Clark County Business License - Recycler 2000065-720
Clark County Fire Department - Hot Work Operations Permit 12-225 FHWO
Clark County Fire Department - Flammable/ Combustible Liquids Permit 11-42966 FFCL
Clark County Fire Department - Hazardous Materials Permit 11-42971 FDHM
Clark County Fire Department - Compressed Gasses Permit 11-42961 FDCG
DMV/Public Safety NHP - Amber Light Permit Permit # YM1RQ2227762014
DMV Nevada- International Fuel Tax License License # NV880370785
Alliance for Uniform HazMat Transportation Precedures UPM-774135-NV 
Nevada State Fire Marshall Haz. Materials Permit - Las Vegas 27794
Nevada State Fire Marshall Haz. Materials Permit - Reno 27798
Las Vegas Valley Water District - Mobile Meter Permit 4836442962
SNHD Liquid Waste Hauler Permit PR00384XX
SNHD Recycler Permit RC087-XXX-01
SNHD Waste Management Permit PR0101774
SNHD Waste Management Audit PR0099640
Health Permit- Washoe County Health District WM090081
New Mexico License/ Permit #
Secretary of State Certificate of Authority 4882830
State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Dept. Registration Certificate 03-288450-00-8
Dona Ana County Certificate of Business Registration  
Oregon License/ Permit #
Oregon Construction Contractors License 185653
Texas License/ Permit #
Secretary of State Certificate of Filing 801958320
El Paso Couty Business Certificate 20140001687
Utah License/ Permit #
State of Utah Contractor's License 8196240-5501
City of North Salt Lake Business License  
City of South Salt Lake Business License 005147
Authority to Conduct Affairs for a Foreign Coporation 7296481
Liquid Waste Haulers Permit - Salt Lake Valley Health Department                      35-021837
Utah Used Oil Handler (Transporter) Certificate UOP-0121     T-34
Wyoming License/ Permit #
Secretary of State Certificate of Authority 2012-000625577
Federal License/ Permit #
U.S.DOT Pipeline & Haz Materials Safety Adm. Certificate (PHMSA) Reg. # 062512 553 042UW
U.S.DOT FMCSA Hazardous Materials Safety Permit MC-676501

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